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Buy Home Delivery Service is one of the best part of Tangyleaf Online Services (Buy Home Delivery) which is developed to help the customers to get basic need products like milk, bread, butter, yogurt, paneer, cheese, eggs, biscuits, spices, vegetables etc. daily, periodically (weekly, monthly) by paying in advance. As the Sun comes up everyday, so will our BBEarly service will be there to serve you. By accessing the services provided by the Application/Website you agree to the following Terms of Service.


Service of the Buy Home Delivery Website/Application would be available to only selected societies of Delhi. Persons who are "incompetent to Indian Contract Act, 1872" are not eligible to use the this App. If you are a minor (13-18 years old) - i) You may use the App only under the supervision of a parent/guardian who agrees to be bound by these Terms & Conditions. ii) You are strictly prohibited to buy anything which is for adult use and the sale of which to minors is banned.

License & Website/Application Access

Tangyleaf Online Service (Buy Home Delivery) grants you a limited sub-license to access and make personal use of this Website/Application but do not allow you be reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell or exploit it for any commercial purpose without legal approval from us. You are strictly prohibited to download/copy any trademark, logo, or other proprietary information (images, text, page layout, user interface or form layout) of the Website/Application without legal approval from us.

Registration & Account Obligations

All Buy Home Delivery have to register and login for subscribing/placing orders on the Website/Application. As part of the registration process on Buy Home Delivery Website/Application, we may require the following personal information from you: first and last name , email address, mobile number, address, gender and browsing information on Website/App. You have to keep your account & registration details current and correct for communications related to your BBEarly/purchases from the Website/Application. By agreeing our terms and conditions, you agrees to receive promotional sms, emails, whatsapp upon registration. The customer can stop that by contacting to the customer service.

Products Pricing

All the products listed on Buy Home Delivery Website/Application will be sold at MRP unless otherwise specified. The prices mentioned at the time of subscribing/ordering will be the prices charged on/before the date of the delivery. Although prices of most of the products do not fluctuates daily but prices of some of the products like vegetables, fruits may change on a daily basis. In case the prices are increased/descreased on the date of delivery, additional amount will be charged or refunded in your Buy Home Delivery wallet.


Any customer can cancel/pause their Buy Home Delivery anytime before the cut-off time by themselves or by calling our customer service. In that case, we will refund the left/full amount into your Buy Home Delivery wallet which can be used for re-subscribing or for placing day delivery orders. If we found any fraudulent transaction - we will immediately cancel any BBEarly/orders done by those transaction. We can create data of such fraudulent transactions/customers and we can deny their access in placing any orders or purchasing any Buy Home Delivery service.

  • i. Pls note any refund for milk gone bad / leakage etc will be refunded in form of BROWNCOINS.
  • ii. Any complain or return request will be accepted before 12:00pm Same Day (for Early Morning delivery between 5:00 AM - 7:00 AM) in case of damaged/bad quality.
You Agree and Confirm:
1. In case, the delivery address is wrongly filled by customers, we may charge extra amount for redelivery.
2. In case, plastic bags are not hung, we may charge Rs. 15 per day. (Please note bag is free only on first delivery. 2nd order on-wards there is a charge of Rs.15, per instance the bag has to be supplied by us. In case, a user wants to define a spot where the morning delivery needs to be kept, they can inform us).
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